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in Budapest 

iREMS Senior Java Developer

About us:

iREMS International AG creates one of the leading Real Estate Management Software Platforms for customers in Central and Western Europe. We are an experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic team. We like to think outside the box, to listen to our customers and we are passionate about delivering great software solutions. Tired of the slow pace and limited work scope in large multinationals? We are a high-paced, international startup where your contribution counts everyday!

We are a passionate, dynamic team with advanced software development skills, working with a state-of-the-art technology stack that allows us to deliver stable, cloud-based services with a very fast development cycle, as well as scalability.

We are developing an integrated, mission-critical enterprise platform covering the whole real estate management and reporting process.

In order to serve the full range from small to very large clients on a cost-effective platform, we are currently completing our transition to a cloud-native Docker infrastructure.

Our ERP, Enterprise Content Management and Data Warehouse services run in a fully Dockerized environment.

We have offices in Stansstad (Switzerland), Budapest (Hungary) and Oradea (Romania).


We are looking for an experienced and passionate IT professional, who can join us to build a world-class infrastructure based on the following technologies:

  • Java EE 8 (Wildfly 21)

  • Spring (newest)

  • Docker, Docker Swarm, Traefik Proxy

  • Build system: Gradle

  • Client technologies: Angular, iOS, Eclipse RCP

Your responsibilities:

  • Take part in the design and implementation of the server architecture of our flagship product - iREMS (integrated Real Estate Management System)

  • Find solutions, develop to production stage for complex problems

  • Work together with the team located in Budapest (Hungary) and Oradea (Romania), ensure constructive communication with co-developers and consulting / support teams

  • Learn and understand the exact needs of our clients in terms of business and technological requirements

  • Design, implement, test and maintain the functionalities added to the system

  • Come up-to-speed quickly when faced with new technologies or challenges

Requirements - who we are looking for:

  • A senior Java/JEE Developer with at least 6 - 10 years of relevant experience with enterprise projects

  • A motivated team-player and good communicator

  • An efficient self-starter who requires little supervision and who can build on their experience to master new technologies

Required skills and experience:

  • Experience in Java 8+ development, including design patterns, refactoring strategies, etc.

  • Experience with Spring, Spring Boot and Java EE - working experience with at least one mainstream application server (JBoss, Glassfish, etc.) and/or Spring applications in production environments

  • Experience with Gradle build system

  • Experience with cashing architectures, such as Redis

  • Experience with complex Docker infrastructures , including proxies, Docker Swarm / Kubernetes, etc.

  • Experience with Java Concurrency, as well as horizontally scaled 

  • Experience with Eclipse RCP is an advantage

You want to join us if you:

  • have a true passion for programming and are keen to learn new technologies, even if they are new technologies, even if they are new to you

  • are a perfectionist - you work until the solution is good enough to delight our customers

  • have a passion for Clean Code 

  • would like to learn more and apply your software engineering skills in a company that encourages creativity and new ideas

  • want to have the satisfaction of seeing your solutions implemented on an international scale


What we offer:

  • Possibility to develop and employ newest technologies to build a cloud-native, production-ready delivery system

  • Local decision making - we make our own decisions as a team in a collaborative work process, rather than receiving orders from some distant corporate office

  • The opportunity to be part of a dynamic and passionate start-up team, committed to ensure that we have a world class product in the area of Real Estate Information Management

  • Scope for personal and professional growth - we know that learning on the individual and team levels is the most important factor for success

  • Flexible work arrangements (all our systems are in the cloud, so wherever you are, all you need is a fast internet connection)

  • We offer employment, but we are also more than ready to work with subcontractors 

  • We prefer full-time, but part-time can also be interested, if you bring the right skills


To apply for this job, please send your detailed  English CV and Cover letter (optional) to!

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