Property Management

Lease Management

Lease Management

  • Fully automated rent roll raising for a selected lease, several leases or properties in one step

  • Multiple lease contracts can be grouped into one invoicing unit

  • Multiple different invoicing periods can be combined within the same lease

  • Any currency combination in the lease setup and for invoicing

  • Automatic correction & storno

  • Automatic sending of the invoices to tenants by e-mail, and upload to tax authorities over the web

  • Recharging of supplier invoices

  • Automatic invoicing of utilities based on meter readings

  • Payment Reminder Mechanism with several escalation levels

  • Units can be remeasured, split and merged at any time


Automatic Indexation

  • Any number of CPI Index series

  • Automatic generation for indexation schedules

  • Approval workflow

Did you know...


...that you can run your entire indexation for all buildings in one go, including...

  • identifying all lease contracts eligible for indexation

  • configuring even the most complex indexation cases for automatic processing

  • importing index values automatically from EUROSTAT

  • selecting which ones should be indexed

  • calculating indexations, automatically updating and approving lease contracts through a workflow 

  • generating indexation invoices and notification letters

  • creating correction invoices for invoiced periods

  • simulating impact of indexation on your portfolio-wide cashflow figures the push of a few buttons without fear of manual data entry errors?

"Indexation season used to stand for lots of manual work in Excel and overtime. And for lots of time-consuming double and triple-checking of our calculations for data entry and copy-paste errors. With iREMS we save many man-days of work and we have piece of mind."

Mária Fichnová - Manager, Lease Administration

CBRE Slovakia



  • Lease and Lease Security expiry

  • Upcoming break options and indexations

  • Due tasks with popups and email alerts