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December 11, 2020

New Service Charge Reconciliation Module of iREMS

"We were very impressed by the speed improvements that the iREMS team was able to achieve with the re-write of the Service Charge Reconciliation module. At the same time they support all the new invoicing cases we need out of the box and provide accurate and flexible reports. This allows us to run as many trial reconciliations as we need and saves us many hours of previously manual work with each building.”

Igor Stefaniak, White Star Real Estate Poland


November 25, 2020

Going strong -12 million m2 under management in 14 countries!

We have crossed the 12,000,000 m2 mark of managed space in iREMS this summer, while delivering two strong feature releases, further raising the level of automation.

Many thanks to all our clients who keep pushing us to new heights!

Proximo offices

June 3, 2020

Strong iREMS presence in Poland

We are proud and honored that almost 200 buildings with 3000+ leases in Poland are being managed on iREMS (more than 4 million sqm under management).

Through our automation features (JPK, split payments, local invoicing rules) we ensure localized, safe and highly efficient operations.

A big thanks to all our clients for the great cooperation.

Social Distance in Office

April 17, 2020

Too busy for improvements?

The key to owning and operating real estate in these difficult times is a low operational cost base. iREMS helps their clients to achieve this with rules-based automation:

  • one-click rent invoicing

  • one-click service charge reconciliation instead of week-long workloads

  • indexation - automatic handling of all the various cases of updating the leases and issuing all needed correction invoices

  • automatically booked journal entries

  • fully automated accounting closing

  • fully integrated budgeting and cost-reporting

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