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iREMS Indexation

  • iREMS Indexation functionality is so flexible and configurable that it can cover all the different cases, no matter how complicated contracts you might have.

  • To boost it even more, we have built an interface to EUROSTAT, so the Indices are automatically updated on time.

  • With a few clicks, Indexation is generated and approved and Notification Letters can be sent to the Tenants.

  • Based on the previous steps, leases are updated automatically and Invoices are issued.

  • All hassle-free, so you can perform your work as efficiently as possible.

  • The system can notify you in advance about when Indexation should happen and for which Tenants, so you make sure that you do not forget anything.

  • If you need to incorporate Indexation for your budgeting, we have a functionality that does exactly that, allowing you to have comprehensive budgeting that includes Indexation as well.

Do you want to know more about Indexation in iREMS - contact us!

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