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General Highlights

Easy Integration into Corporate Landscape

  • iREMS can connect to and exchange information with any internal and external system. This allows cooperating funds, external Property Management and other service providers to connect or upload data

Optimal Scalability, Security, Robustness

  • The Oracle Java Enterprise Edition is the industry- leading software development platform for complex, distributed and highly scalable IT systems. Its n-tier architecture provides state-of-the-art features like built-in cloud-support, transaction management, distributed communications and security.

  • Sophisticated security sub-system based on identity checking, access control and access logging

Modern User Interface

  • Desktop client much more powerful and customizable than web browser-based UI

  • Strong data validation and user guidance through messages, hints and tooltips

  • Multiple language support. User Interface, lookup data and even documents can be translated into an unlimited number of languages
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