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Better productivity

“Increase your capacity and profitability without increasing your cost base”

Work Faster on Our Optimized and Powerful User Interface

  • All relevant information is on your screen at the same time - no clutter from multiple browser windows and tabs

  • Rich user guidance with pop-up elements to ensure entry of valid data

  • Quick and easy learning process through personalized and uniform user interface elements

  • Immediate validation feedback ensures error-free data entry

  • User interface is optimized for power-users

Automated Processes through Full Integration

  • Achieve a high level of automation in operating processes through the integrated architecture of iREMS

  • Fully integrated management and statutory accounting

  • Eliminate double-booking and double-data entry with the automated Booking Engine of iREMS - all operational journal entries are automatically booked, including VAT entries

  • Meet the demands of global organizations by automating multi-currency and local taxation requirements

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce time spent on individual assets

  • Reduce reporting and accounting cycle times by automating complex accounting procedures

  • Structure, scale and grow businesses without the need for additional headcount

  • Best-of-class implementation of all relevant Property Management functions (lease contract modeling with full turnover rent support, indexation, service charge reconciliation) ensures reliability and high-quality deliverables

  • Enjoy a competitive advantage through faster delivery of new features due to industry-leading ORACLE Java Enterprise architecture

  • iREMS is able to grow and adapt to your changing business needs faster and more effortlessly than 20-30 year- old legacy systems

  • Automated communication with many enterprise software systems pre-configured out of the box, and implementation of new bridges is fast and cost effective

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