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Asset Management - Reporting

KPI Dashboard backed by iREMS Data Warehouse

iREMS portfolio dashboard example.png

Comprehensive Reporting & Analysis

  • Rentroll Cube: flexible, custom-definable tenancy schedule generator (on property and Portfolio levels

  • Rental Cashflow reports: actual rent income for Property or Portfolio for standard or custom periods

  • Business Cube: flexible, user-defined reporting of income and expenditure data (e.g. multiple budgets vs. actual, Net Operating Income (NOI), etc.)

  • Aging Cube: aged debt and payments for both suppliers and tenants

  • Accounting Cube: Simple and consolidated B/S, P&L, Standard Cash Flow, Custom Cash Flow, Account Detail Reports

  • All reports can be exported to Excel and PDF including formulas and full formatting

  • Mega exports: XML and JSON-based data extracts

  • Dashboard to compose views of past and future

  • snapshots and time lines

  • Report Package - all the above mentioned reports can be assembled into one complex report

  • All reports and report packages can be distributed through email based on automated schedules

  • Web-based tenant and investor portals for easy access

  • Mobile iOS app - dashboard and report viewer


Custom Report Programming

  • Report Structure Designer allows to create alternative structures for expense codes, charts of accounts and any customer dimension

  • Grouping, sorting and filtering by an unlimited number of dimensions

  • Report Settings can be published and shared with defined users and groups

  • Fully customizable report skins

  • Detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPI)-based analytics and a wide range of industry benchmarks for highly effective performance measurement

  • Visually appealing floor plan and stacking reports containing overlaid business information, including cold/warm diagrams based on selected KPIs

  • Fact Sheet Generator

  • Custom Report Designer - allows to create entirely custom reports based on internal data model


Planning & Forecasting (Budget Module)

  • Future rental revenue forecasting, using market- based leasing assumptions customizable on unit level

  • Future revenue from Lease Contracts automatically added to budget reports

  • Unlimited number of budgets can be compared with actuals and each other (variance shown in amounts and percentage)

  • Actual data and budgets can be classified by an unlimited number of dimensions - dimensions can be entirely custom defined

  • Budget items include delivery and cash based information, so that both accrual and cash based reports can be generated

  • Flexible performance periods and report options in budget items significantly reduce data entry effort

International and Cross Border Transactions

  • Manage complex investment structures, hierarchies and ownership, cash movement between investors and investments in any currency

  • Consolidated accounting reports and automated translation between different GAAPs

  • Flexible cross border reporting with multi- currencies, automatic currency translation, international reporting formats and support for any non-base currency leases and transactions

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