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Advanced services

"We provide solutions, not just software"


  • Faster adaptation of workflows and processes

  • Fast learning curve through training on the job (each employee can unlock the full power of iREMS)

  • Forward-looking setup of property master data as well as accounting master data

  • Design of reporting system with naming conventions and custom report definitions

  • Full migration, clean-up and validation of historic data

  • Experience in large scale, multi-country implementations for international real-estate companies

"iREMS has allowed us to drastically increase the operating efficiency of our Property Management teams. iREMS has proven that it will handle all the business cases, even where landlords’ systems cannot. During onboarding of new instructions with tight deadlines, using iREMS importers for leases, units and meters, etc. is a game changer in terms of speed and quality control. It allowed us to get operational with one of our shopping centre assignments in less than a month. Even a very large portfolio could be uploaded and validated efficiently within a few weeks/months.

László Fazekas | Associate Director | CBRE Hungary

Consulting Services

  • Business process reengineering - we help you to optimize your business processes to take full advantage of the game-changing possibilities of iREMS

  • Change management - embrace changes and simplify your working structure

  • Employee coaching and team building

Transaction Processing Services (BPO)

  • Lower your operating costs and concentrate on the important part of your business

  • Our well-trained and motivated team of iREMS Professionals can support your team in back office activities, such as:

    • Entry of supplier invoices

    • Entry and pre-validation of lease contracts

    • Setup and processing of reconciliation runs

    • On-demand data collection and complex reporting tasks

  • Enjoy a faster ramp-up time - add capacity quickly where and when necessary without having to hire and train new staff

"We save a lot of time with the Workflow module in iREMS to approve supplier invoices. Nobody needs to remember to whom to send the invoice after approving it, because the system decides based on our rules where to send the invoice next. It just works out of the box, even for the most complicated routing scenarios. Our landlords have full transparency over the approval process, as they can check the current status and history of all items at any time. This provides accountability and a very solid audit trail.”

László Fazekas | Associate Director | CBRE Hungary

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