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Welcome to iREMS

Superior Information

Welcome to the next generation of Real Estate Management. 
Our software provides Asset Management, Property Management and Accounting functions - all in one integrated package that is specifically geared towards the real estate sector and can be deployed across several countries. If your organization owns or manages large-scale income-producing real estate assets, then iREMS can provide you with significant cost savings and a competitive advantage.

About Us

We Are All About Innovation

iREMS is not a local company in Switzerland, Hungary or Romania. We are an international company operating at the leading edge of management concepts and innovation culture. We are ambitious and we want to achieve more, we want to have interesting work and we want to make a difference. We look to the likes of Amazon, Tesla and Netflix for inspiration. We believe that the startup culture of Silicon Valley is the top of international best practice available today.
We like to think outside the box, to listen to our customers and we are passionate about writing great software. Our field of expertise is enterprise software (developing and consulting). Our objective is to develop long-term relationships with our clients, serving them with integrated solutions that fit their business requirements.
We have offices in Stansstad (Switzerland), Budapest (Hungary) and Oradea (Romania). We are at home in many countries, as well as in the cloud. With our skilled project managers and technical support team you will not experience communication barriers.

About us
How iREMS takes you further
How iREMS takes you further

Designed for international environments. Fully integrated. Transparent reporting. Allows access from anywhere to your data. Saves time, headaches, and money.

Superior Information by the push of a button

Up-to-date KPIs generated automatically from the iREMS database 


General iREMS Advantages

iREMS Modules

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Our Technology

Our Technology

At iREMS, our comprehensive technological solutions help industry leading real estate management companies and investors achieve greater success. Our platform has a wide range of features that were created with an aim to deliver superior information. iREMS is continually building upon its technology, in order to empower our users to do better.

Modern Office
Our Methodology

Our Methodology

In Enterprise Software It's All About the Business System

A software system can boost the productivity of an entire company. It shapes and is shaped by the business strategy, people and processes within the company. Thus the four components business strategy, people, processes and software platform must be viewed and understood in a holistic way.
The iREMS Business System Development Methodology was developed and refined over the years to ensure that all four components are properly aligned and change is implemented in an efficient, non-disruptive way.

Our Clients

Our Clients

iREMS is used by owners, fund managers and managing agents in the commercial, retail and logistics market segments. Close to 600 properties with a total of over 12 million square meters in lettable surface are being managed by iREMS.
Our customers are located in Europe, the US, South Africa, with their investments concentrated in Central and Western Europe, but also reaching as far as from Japan to California and from Mexico to Jordan.


P3 Parks specialises in developing, owning and managing environmentally sustainable industrial properties across Europe. They use iREMS for unified transaction processing and financial reporting across all 11 countries of operation.


REICO is using iREMS to implement its "one platform - multiple service providers" strategy. They have a very lean core team and outsource all operations to more than ten service providers in three countries.


CBRE Asset Services CEE has chosen iREMS as their unified platform for providing Property Management and Accounting services. The implementation is currently underway in five countries.


White Star Real Estate is focused on providing quality, value for money real estate solutions for their development clients and management investors. WSRE is a uniquely integrated real estate firm serving Central and Eastern Europe.


Avison Young creates economic, social and environmental value as a global real estate advisor, powered by people. 

What People Say


"iREMS platform allowed us to connect property managers, accountants and asset managers in one environment, where they can work concurrently and focus on value-added activities.
iREMS helped us standardize our IT operations across three countries and three asset classes which was essential to grow our portfolio five fold over the course of just a few years.”

Tomáš Jandík



Portfolios Managed on iREMS

Abstract Structure
Meet the Team
Management Team

Andreas N. Kozma

CEO & Head of Development

Everyday when I wake up, I get new energy from the fact that I have the rare privilege to be surrounded by and work with wonderful people the company of whom I truly enjoy. We are very lucky to work on a very exciting product with an amazing team and to have a relationship with all of our clients that is often as much about friendship as about professional work. The passion and excitement of a common goal unites us in one big "iREMS family".


Daniela Anghel Ilic

Head of Project Management

We, the Project Managers, listen to our clients requirements and come up with the best approach for a simplified, yet effective and smart solution to satisfy their needs. We go above and beyond, dedicated to find the best solutions and improve our product day-by-day.

Mircea Gabor.png

Mircea Gabor

Head of Operations

The fact that we control all components of the iREMS ecosystem allows us to find innovative ways every day to improve the efficiency and speed of bringing new features to our users.


Eszter M. Kozma

Head of Sales&Marketing

As a non-IT geek I enjoy that iREMS is not only about software. It's about building Business Systems and bringing out the best in people.

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

"It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do." - Steve Jobs

We are an experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic team. We like to think outside the box, to listen to our customers and we are passionate about writing great software. Our field of expertise is enterprise software. Our objective is to develop long-term relationships with our clients, serving them with integrated solutions that fit their business requirements. 

We are looking for new colleagues who want to enter a long-term, stable working relationship and who want to grow within their job.

in Budapest

We are seeking bright, articulate, detail-oriented applicants

in Budapest and Oradea

We are looking for pioneers, trailblazers, out-of-the-box thinkers with a passion for developing great software. Prior experience matters far less than a great attitude and motivation! :- )

in Oradea

We are looking for enthusiastic persons willing to build a career in Customer Support and Consulting.

Contact us

Our Offices

We strive to combine Swiss precision and reliability with the creativity and cost advantage found in Central Europe to offer you a service that gives your business a competitive advantage. Our offices are based in the following locations:


Achereggstrasse 10
6362 Stansstad


1022 Budapest
Ruszti út 1


Str. I.L. Caragiale Nr. 14

410212 Oradea

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